Company Background

Farmasi Bukit Tinggi was founded by Mr. Lew Hon Kean on 1 March 2003 and it was located in Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang, Selangor.

The year 2004 was Lew’s career turning point when he decided to utilize his full potential in his business acumens and quality leadership by forming Revive Pharmacy (Formally known as Farmasi Bukit Tinggi) in Bukit Tinggi. It was an instant success. In response to consumer demand, Revive Pharmacy began to expand in Pandamaran & Kapar. Riding on his capable leadership, Revive is recognized as one of the fastest growing pharmacies in the Klang District.

Just like any other business, Revive’s life cycle had come to its saturation in year 2009. He boldly took his pharmacy business to new heights by going through an unprecedented transformation exercise which gave birth to a brand new identity in “trustz”.

To date, “trustz” has expanded the business and launched the first franchisee at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam and another new licensed store is coming soon.

Mission Statement

  • Practice high standards of professionalism to cause all fellow pharmacists in the trade to feel great pride in their profession
  • Restore pharmacists’ deteriorating image in order to regain recognition & respect. Prove that the status of the pharmacy profession deserves to be at par with if not higher than that of lawyers, doctors, engineers, professors, etc.;
  • Make the public aware of pharmacists’ contributions to the community. We are ever ready to assume our social responsibilities as good corporate citizens via responding to the needs of people
  • Improve the quality of life of pharmacists in practice: Long working hours coupled with tons of petty business decisions have demanded pharmacists to sacrifice their family lives, and thus, pharmacy is arguably one of the most stressful professions
  • Tell the whole world: Pharmacists are passionate about their esteemed profession and do not need to promote cosmetics and shampoos
  • Work closely with all pharmacists in the country to achieve the ultimate goal: the dispensing right – which should be inherent to all pharmacists
  • Make our presence felt by playing an active role in nation building

Philosophy Statement

  • Employees are prime assets to the Company. As such, it is the Company’s obligation to provide them with adequate training, motivation coupled with due recognition & rewards so as to uplift their technical, admin & PR skills
  • Nurture an amicably working relationship with the franchisees. Franchisees’ interests shall always come before ours. When they grow, we will grow
  • Work amicably with the suppliers. They are our business partners & should be accordingly treated as such. Taking advantage of the suppliers under any circumstances shall be deemed unethical under trustz philosophy
  • Customers are the bread & butter of our Company. Therefore, any less-than-perfect service rendered to the customers by any of our personnel shall be construed as unprofessional. As such, we condemn without reservation any act in pharmacy selling fake products
  • All pharmacies are our friendly competitors. We are committed to work collectively to create a healthy business environment where all can achieve profitability objectives without having to compromise quality of service and pricing
  • When called upon, we shall not hesitate to play an active role in Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society in any awareness campaign to promote the pharmacy profession to the public
  • We shall act as good corporate citizens and always be ready to respond to the needs of the community. As a policy, part of Company’s annual profit shall be set aside for this purpose
  • Working hand in hand with other fellow pharmacists to make our presence felt in the role of nation building

Vision 2020

  1. Become the first community pharmacy in the country to have achieved ISO 9001:2008 status;
  2. Become the most vibrant & most marketing oriented pharmacy in Malaysia;
  3. Set up central warehousing systems;
  4. Establish compounding R&D department;
  5. Become the largest pharmacy franchising chain in Malaysia;
  6. Build a strong network with 150 franchise outlets within domestic market;
  7. Become a lending pharmacy chain to provide compounding products & services;
  8. To launch own products range under trustz label;
  9. House brand products generates major share in Company’s total turnover;
  10. Provide undergraduates with a platform whereby they can undergo industrial training in 2 practical areas namely: (1) professional skills & (2) business skills;
  11. Secure exclusive distributorship of products of a renowned brand;
  12. Start an OEM operation;
  13. Launch a high-end range for affluent market;
  14. trustz becomes a Super Brand in Malaysia;
  15. Acquire own Corporate premises;

Beyond 2020

  1. Acquire own manufacturing plant of GMP status;
  2. To be listed at Bursa Malaysia;
  3. Establish trustz Pharmaceutical College

trustz Values

What comes from the people shall be shared with the people in return.

Foundations of trustz values:

  • PASSION - Be passionate about our profession
  • CARE - Be caring to people who are less fortunate
  • LOVE - Be loving to all mankind

It is written on the wall: The 21st century shall reshape the business ethics, moral & values in totality. Like it or not, the *Conscience Oriented Era is uncompromisingly emerging.

Obsolete are the days when the sole purpose of running a business was to make a profit for oneself, period. The concept has gradually but surely evolved. Today, people no longer gauge the worth of a business entity by how much profit it has made, but rather, how much they have done for the society in reciprocation.

In trustz, we treasure these values. To realize our long term objectives, we & all our franchisees are committed to allocate a portion of Company annual profit for “trustz Foundation” that serves to cater for the needs of the less fortunate.

We therefore sincerely invite those who share these values of ours to join us in our effort in making the world a much better place to live.

Note: * The 5 previous eras are: Production Oriented, Product Oriented, Selling Oriented, Marketing Oriented & Societal Oriented.